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I’m Gary Lerude, the host of the Be Spiritual podcast. My family and I live in Nashua, New Hampshire, the latest stop in a journey that has taken me eastward from my birthplace of Reno, Nevada.

I discovered Unitarian Universalism and became a UU some 25 years ago, after years of being religious without having a religion. You see, the religion of my youth seemed to demand a choice between accepting by faith and rational thinking, between the revelations of past millennia and the revelations of science. Then there was the need to accept Christ in order to be saved, regardless of whether one lived a moral and ethical life or was Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, or grounded in some other spiritual tradition.

After years of going it alone, I decided to seek a compatible faith tradition and luckily found myself at a UU church in Dallas. One service hooked me. Here was a religious community that asked me to apply my reason to life’s eternal questions and to use my talents to improve the world, here and now.

Unitarian Universalism has inspired, challenged, and comforted me. My children have been raised in a community with values that will prepare them to live in a complex, nuanced, and global society.

Be Spiritual was borne of my desire to share my empowering faith. A conversational podcast seemed like a good vehicle with which to recount the religious journeys of thoughtful and interesting people. In today’s busy world, we — if I may generalize — don’t take enough time for deep discussion and understanding.

I appreciate your interest and hope you will find the podcast meaningful and helpful to the development of your own spirituality.

Wishing you peace and blessings,

Gary Lerude

Feel free to contact me by e-mail at gary dot lerude at gmail dot com. I’d love to hear from you.

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