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What’s a Unitarian Universalist?

One of the challenges we UUs face is answering the question “What’s a Unitarian Universalist?“ Not that we don’t have answers, rather our answers tend to be rather lengthy, laborious, and conditional. Hence, the need for a cogent answer, both for us and the poor questioner — who may have neither time for nor interest […]

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Adamant Atheist Meets Agnostic Christian

A recent tweet by Peter Bowden, creator of UU Planet TV, led me to a fascinating conversation between Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell, retired minister of the Unitarian Church of Portland (Oregon), and Christopher Hitchens, atheist and author of God Is Not Great. Published by Portland Monthly Magazine, you can listen to the not-so-great recording or […]

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I came across a couple of items this week that you may find interesting. Garrison Keillor wrote a column in Salon, Don’t Mess with Christmas, in which his subtitle reads It’s a Christian holiday, dammit, and it’s plain wrong to rewrite “Silent Night.” Unitarians, I’m talking to you! Keillor’s thoughts have prompted a bit of […]

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Robert Wright Article

Ellen McCormick, who was gracious and brave enough to be my first interview on the podcast, called my attention to this piece in The New York Times by Robert Wright, author of The Evolution of God. He, too, was quite gracious by agreeing to be interviewed for Episode 6. You may recall, during our conversation […]

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Churches and Social Justice

Nevada Newsline, a program produced by Reno public radio station KUNR, recently addressed the church’s role in promoting social justice. Neal Anderson, the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada, and John Auer, minister of the First United Methodist Church of Reno, shared their views on the topic with host Dan Erwin. You […]

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