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One Minute Zen

Need a respite from the busy-ness — even craziness — of your day? This One Minute Zen will take you to the side of a babbling brook, where you can be present, calm, and hopefully regain perspective about what’s truly important. Blessings. Send to Kindle

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Meditation on a moonrise

How often have you watched — completely watched — the moon rise above the horizon? Photographer Mark Gee provides this transfixing view of a moonrise in Wellington, New Zealand, with a perspective that may well give you a sense of transcendence. Enjoy this meditation. Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo. Send to Kindle

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Musical transcendence

Benedictus by 2CELLOS is a beautiful track for meditating. Focus on the cellos; see if they lead you to a few minutes of transcendence.   Send to Kindle

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A moment in time

How would you define a moment? They’re all sacred. Be present. Send to Kindle

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average, iconic thermometer of the U.S. stock market, ended the week up. The 2012 campaign heated up as Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican nominee, pounced on President Obama’s statement that “the private sector is doing fine.” Last week, America’s Got Talent was the highest rated program with adult viewers 18 to 49. […]

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My Soul

Through the happenstance enabled by Google, photographer Mark Ellis contacted me recently to share a time-lapse video he produced over the past year. Entitled My Soul, the scenes were shot in northern Minnesota, often on bitterly cold nights. The title of the work reflects the song by Peter Mayer which accompanies the stunning views. I commend […]

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Core to being spiritual, in my view, is maintaining a sense of transcendence. That’s a “big word” way of saying connecting with the mystery and wonder outside of ourselves and our humdrum routines. Probably the most effective way for me to maintain that connection is through nature. Growing up at the base of the Sierra, […]

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The Face of god

Captured by Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd. You can read the details of the project here. Send to Kindle

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