Sunday, August 30, 2009

Be Spiritual - Episode 7

Imagine a warm Sunday afternoon, cooled by a light breeze, blue skies and puffy white clouds overhead, a view of Crotched Mountain, the ski runs vacant and lonely. The setting couldn't have been more bucolic for my conversation with Mike Deschenes.

The drive from Nashua was relaxed and inspired by the scenery of alternating countryside and quintessential New England towns. Perhaps that's why I found my conversation with Mike so spiritual. We weren't just talking about spirituality and religion, it felt spiritual as I listened to the word pictures Mike painted with his soft voice and heard the occasional bird and motorcycle sounds from outside. I haven't lost that sense while listening to and editing the recording, and I hope that also comes through as you listen.

When asked to describe his spiritual views, Mike recited the following poem, Flow, which he has written during the past 12 years. You may want to refer to this as Mike explains the journey that created it.

Ego sits
Raindrop on birch branch
Upside down
Aching for union with the sea.
Blue jay’s landing
Sets it free...

Eyes wide
flowing through nirvana
are all...

karma ripple stills...

watching self ascend
mirrored pool
snowflake returns...

drink deep
the well...
mist describes the surface
frog and lotus bud witness dawn...

known is the way through
awareness bay...

Abolish time
unify balance and negate
yin bliss with yang suffering.

In the unity of one circle.

Sat Nam.

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Our theme music is Floating Souls by Ambrish, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. The chalice artwork was created by Inga Johannesen, of the UU Church of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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